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Francia reanuda las adopciones en Haiti

Haiti - Social : Resumption of international adoptions in HaitiFuente: Haiti Libre  (26 de diciembre de 2011)

El Gobierno francés, de acuerdo con las autoridades haitianas, ha decidido reanudar las adopciones internacionales con este país. Haití se ha comprometido en firme a ratificar el Convenio de la Haya y a modernizar su legislación sobre adopciones en el menor tiempo posible. Las reformas atenderán a las peticiones de adopción sin intermediarios. Pero por ahora sólo serán posibles las que se soliciten a través de una entidad reconocida para la adopción. Más abajo el artículo completo en inglés.

In agreement with the Haitian authorities, France has decided to resume international adoptions in Haiti, following the new approach of the Haitian authorities in terms of international adoption. The highest authorities in Haiti, starting with President Martelly, have committed firmly and public to ratify the Hague Convention and modernize their legislation in the shortest time possible. They also indicated they would most respond to requests for individual adoption, that is to say carried out without an approved intermediary.

Initially, only a limited number of cases frozen on the occasion of January 2010 earthquake, recorded by the Department of international adoption, will be concerned to ensure the proper functioning of cooperation mechanisms.

The French authorities will check the compliance of the guidelines adopted by the Haitian authorities. That is why, only the adopters accompanied by an authorized intermediary operating in nurseries certified by the Haitian Institute of Welfare and Research (IBESR), will benefit of this resumption.

The Foreign Ministry draws the attention of candidates to the adoption in Haiti on the fact that now, given the positions expressed by the Haitian authorities, any approach conducted without the assistance of an recognized organization for the adoption (OAA) or the French Agency for the adoption would be doomed to failure. It would be detrimental to Haitian children and adopters themselves and could not receive any support from the French authorities.

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